The Battlegrounds Laser Tag Experience is Uber-Intense

 - Dec 17, 2014
References: indiegogo & facebook
Battlegrounds Laser Tag, located in Toronto, is a next-level laser tag experience that is so realistic that you'll forget that you're playing a game and will feel completely immersed in the intricate battle-like environment.

No wimpy laser guns in this laser tag experience; Battlegrounds' weapons come with three different modes that vary in their range, rate of fire and damage type so you can select your mode based on the battle situation. The gun is equipped with a vibration motor and speaker that will leave a booming impression on you, your comrades and your victims. Each gun comes with an OLED screen that displays your ammo, shield level and health.

One of the highlights of Battlegrounds Laser Tag is the optional shock armband, which delivers a non-dangerous shock every time you get shot. This adds next-level realism to the game and encourages you to be thoughtful and tactical in your movements rather than just going hell for leather every time you see an enemy. The armband can be set to one of three different levels of shock, but squeamish players can play without the armband altogether.

Finally, seeing as how gamer loves their stats, Battlegrounds Laser Tag provides a range of post-game statistics and graphs so you can better inform bragging sessions following your destructive victory.

Battlegrounds Laser Tag is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign that includes an array of pledge levels that will enable you to support the arena while getting in on the action yourself.