MegaBots Are Giant Robots That Hurl Paintballs At Each Other

 - Nov 14, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmag
MegaBots are massive humanoid robots that can be controlled by human drivers who can harness the robots' powers to take each other on in massive paintball arena games.

Each MegaBot is a 4.5-meter tall walking robot weighing 6,800 kg and equipped with modular arms tipped with guns that fire 3-pound paint MegaBalls at a ridiculous 193 km/h. The robot is sheathed in breakaway armor plating that is designed to fly off when it takes a hit. It also has a computer that keeps track of damage.

The people behind MegaBots hope to eventually create a sports league where humongous MegaBots face off against each other.

The developers of MegaBots have taken to Kickstarter in search of $1.8 million in funds to construct two MegaBots.