Tim Schaffer is Asking for Gamers' Full Participation

 - Feb 16, 2012
References: doublefine & pc.ign
Double Fine Productions, lead by video game guru Tim Schaffer, has potentially shaped the future of fan interaction in regards to the video game market. Schaffer has announced that due to the lack of publisher interest in regards to funding another adventure game, Double Fine productions will allow the fans to fund the new project through Kickstarter.

On top of being funded by the public, the game will be developed by a team directed via fan-based collaboration through an exclusive online community with people who helped fund the project. The entire process will be filmed and documented, allowing the audience to witness the process of having a major video game productions company incorporate fan input to such a large degree. Whether or not the project turns out to be a success or colossal disaster, this may very well prove to be a turning point in developer-player collaboration.