The Monkey Light Brings Colorful Moving Cartoons to Your Bicycle

 - May 28, 2013
References: monkeylectric
Biking late at night can be hazardous, but with the new Monkey Light invention, bikers will never have a reason to believe that a car cannot see them. Decked out with a full LED light display, these bikes actually show a simple moving light-up cartoon as their wheels turn.

Everything from a robot dancing to a cat and dog chase to a spiraling optical illusion can be created using the Monkey Light. As the bike accelerates, the LED light pattern begins to alternate between two distinct designs, giving the illusion of movement. The bikes come pre-loaded with the custom art display, letting you choose and design your own unique cartoon.

The Monkey Light began as a KickStarter campaign that looks to be doing quite successfully. It's no surprise, really, since the Monkey Light is an awesome invention that will turn your drab little bicycle into a moving light show.