This Breaking Bad Flask from Wicked Caribou is Addictively Cool

 - Dec 24, 2013
References: wickedcaribou
If you love or hate (or love to hate) Walter White, this Breaking Bad flask is for you. If your preferred poison is alcohol over drugs, you can get your fix from this cool and creepy drink concealer. Keep your booze on you at all times and hope your friends aren't snitches.

Breaking Bad was a big hit about a chemistry teacher who gets cancer and then becomes a meth dealer to provide for his family before he dies. The show chronicles his dark path as he goes from beings a mild mannered guy to an out of control criminal.

This Breaking Bad flask has a large image of the lead character's head on the front of it. Part of one side of his head has his skull exposed. In the top right corner "Walter White" is written in white. The W and the T in his name are in the form of periodic symbols.