This Boozy Chocobo Energy Flask was Inspired by Final Fantasy

 - May 21, 2014
References: etsy & thatsnerdalicious
Fans of the Final Fantasy video game can get a quick, boozy energy boost during their long gaming sessions with this Chocobo energy drink flask.

In the world of Final Fantasy, a Chocobo is a gigantic yellow bird your character can ride around throughout the game. This Chocobo energy flask is based off of a Chocobo-inspired drink made up of Red Bull and vodka. The yellow tinge of the Red Bull is reminiscent of the Chocobo’s fluffy, golden feathers. The navy flask features a silver engraving of the Chocobo bird running as if he’s full of energy. This Chocobo flask would be the perfect place to drink it from if you felt like mixing some up during your gaming session. These geeky flasks come in a wide variety of colors.