The Flasso Milk Flask Makes Cutting Plastic Milk Bags a Thing of the Past

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: tuvie
The Flasso milk flask is a lesson on how to be more efficient and how to do it with undeniable style. The Flasso milk flask is not only a shortcut to using plastic milk bags but also a do-it-all milk container for the modern dairy lover.

This flask does many things well but none more so than holding and pouring milk. The design of the flask is well rounded with a milk container in the middle for easy storage, while the pouring lid makes for a much easier experience than the typical hole in a bag.

The milk container is surrounded by tinted glass, which garners its style point while also making it easier to carry around. All-in-all drinking, pouring and storing milk has never been so easy and stylish.