From Vegan Pumpkin Cocktails to Spooky Pumpkin Lagers

 - Oct 6, 2015
As the summer months transition into the autumn weather, there is more than just pumpkin spiced lattes to sip on, in fact these boozy pumpkin drinks are great adult treats. Catering to those with dietary restrictions, the vegan pumpkin martini is perfect for an adult Halloween party.

There is also a wide variety of pumpkin ales that only emerge for a few months a year. For example, the Griffin Claw Brewing Company’s appropriately titled ‘Screamin’ Pumpkin’ beer is sure to satisfy any brew-lover.

There are also numerous homemade boozy pumpkin drinks that bring a playful and flavorful approach to seasonal treats. Opting out of traditional pumpkin pie the easy to make and the seasonally charming caramel apple cider cocktail is topped with pumpkin whipped cream.