The True Utility Twistick is a Conveniently Portable Cork Popper

 - Mar 1, 2013
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It's now socially acceptable to have a beer bottle opener on your keyring, so why shouldn't there be an equivalent product for pulling the cork from the neck of your vino. The possession of a True Utility Twistick prepares you for impromptu wine-drinking sessions when you find yourself away from your more elaborate uncorking contraption at home.

The compact wine bottle opener comprises a small metal bar and a pointed helix with a black finish. When it's not in use, the pin can be fed through the spiraling component and the pair can be fastened securely to your keychain. The moment a cabernet sauvignon is suggested, the True Utility Twistick can be removed, pulled apart are reassembled perpendicularly to form a firm handle and an effective corkscrew.