The Zombie Hand Goblet is Sure to Make Your Guests Scream

 - Nov 30, 2012
References: amazon & thisiswhyimbroke
While you are drinking the darkest of merlots, make sure you are using the Zombie Hand Goblet to give you an air of mystery and evil.

All of your guests will be convinced that you are drinking blood, and that it probably belongs to the poor soul whose arm you ripped off to make the stem of that goblet. The wine glass features a gruesome arm with flesh peeling along the knuckles and wrist, grasping the bowl of the cup with sharp, claw-like nails and extremely bony fingers. If you let out a devilish laugh after every sip, you will have people quivering in their seats, wondering what exactly you meant by inviting them over "for dinner."

The Zombie Hand Goblet boosts your scary level tenfold.