This Decorative Wine Glass Merges Senses for a Top Wine Experience

 - Mar 27, 2014
References: fancy
The notch that is implemented on this decorative wine glass allows wine lovers to get the full force of flavors and aromas in a glass of wine. For wine lovers, talking about the different scents and flavors associated with the drink makes for a great afternoon or evening. The biggest problem is that you miss out on the full enjoyment of the wine because your nose is stuck on the outside of the glass.

With your nose being able to sense over 10,000 different flavors, it is a shame to the enjoyment of the wine that it is kept out of the mix. During wine tastings, you do smell the wine before tasting, but any experience is better when you combine multiple senses. Having the ability to join smell with taste will bring out every flavor and aroma that the wine has to offer.