Cat Londers Transforms Batman's Foes into Disney Heroines

Batman villainesses are probably the last people you’d want in a Disney film, but that isn’t stopping artist Cat Londers from re-imagining foes like Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman into dazzling Disney Princesses. Rather than sporting their usual skin-tight bodysuits, these three notable nemeses of the Dark Knight have been given extravagant dresses to wear. If you weren’t aware of their criminal past, you’d think these characters were going to be featured in an upcoming Disney movie.

Cat Londers, whose deviantART username is BrowncoatFiction, is an Orlando-based illustrator who enjoys rendering characters from various corners of pop culture. She’s also a flourishing photographer with a penchant for outdoorsy shoots. Her creative efforts are rooted in fantasy and most of her work emanates an air of escapism.