This Underwater Photography Series Features Aquatic Life

 - Oct 15, 2014
References: sachakalis & mymodernmet
Elena Kalis is no stranger to underwater photography; nor is her daughter, Sacha Kalis, a stranger to the sea. In fact, the younger Kalis, who is her mother's frequent muse, learned how to swim before she could walk.

The senior Kalis photographs her daughter, now an adolescent, looking like a beautiful water nymph. It is obvious that Sacha feels at home submerged underwater. The "Bahamas Girl," as she calls herself, moves with an ease and effortlessness that comes with experience. This visual story is graceful, ethereal and weightless.

The fearless mermaid child navigates the watery depths, playfully interacting with creatures of the sea along the way. Whether she's stroking a stingray or floating with a manatee, Sacha looks positively content.