This 16-Foot Clock Art Sculpture Tells Time in an Unusual Way

 - Sep 16, 2015
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Berlin-based sculptor and artist Alicja Kwade installed a 16-foot clock art sculpture that turns the idea of telling time on its head.

As Kwade's first public art instillation in the United States, this aluminium timepiece titled 'Against the Direction of Time' sits at the entrance of Central Park, across from the Plaza Hotel. At a first glance, this piece may look like just like a normal clock, but upon closer inspection it's revealed that while the minute and hour hand turn clockwise, the face of the clock itself turns counter-clockwise.

The perplexing nature of this clock art is meant to confuse onlookers looking up to check the time, and have them question the very nature of time itself. It's an interesting idea to put into doubt something as routine as telling the time, and the sculpture is sure to turn some heads at the very least.