These Fresh Cut French Fries are Aged with a Salt and Vinegar Solution

'Al’s Place in San Francisco' recently released its recipe to a delicious salt and vinegar fries recipe that can easily be made at home -- just be prepared to wait.

Salt and vinegar is an extremely popular chips flavor and Al's place decided to this distinct flavor to another snack favorite, french fries. The restaurant's recipe is made for a large-scale restaurant, but can be decreased for a small family or even a couple. The first step is to add five tablespoons of salt and eight cups of water in a large bowl. Add three and a half pounds of sliced potatoes and four cabbage leaves. Once this mixture is prepared, cover it and store in a cool place for four to six days -- just like pickling any other food.

After the wait time is over, dry the potatoes and fry them in batches right before serving. Because of the delicious brine, adding is salt is optional.