This Genetic Modification Discovery Could Stop Avian Flu

 - Sep 9, 2015
References: reuters & techtimes
16 glow-in-the-dark chickens -- the sample group for an experiment in genetic modification -- could be the beginning of the end of avian flu.

Bird flu is a huge problem for farmers, who lose big numbers of livestock to the contagious disease. It also has the possibility to be transferred to humans, causing global panic as in the 2003 pandemic scare. All of this is great motivation to find a way to combat the poultry-attacking virus.

Genetic modification researchers have discovered a gene that deters the avian flu virus and slows its progress if it does manage to invade a chicken's body. The gene was implanted into 16 chickens. The genetically modified chickens were also implanted with a gene that gave them glow-in-the-dark feet and beaks so that they could be identified.