The ZONE Mouthguard Molds Itself to Teeth Without Boiling

 - Oct 5, 2015
References: mnml & core77
ZONE is a new, high-tech mouthguard that disrupts the industry of sports mouthguards by eliminating the inconvenient boil-and-bite process that was necessary for customizing traditional sports mouthguards.

The ZONE mouthguard comes as a set of two putties. Blending the two putties creates a chemical reaction that starts a hardening process. The user then places the blended putty in a plastic tray and bites into it to create a personalized mouthguard. Unique among sports mouthguards, the ZONE guard is organically suited to the shape of the human mouth as well as being customized to the owner.

The ZONE mouthguard comes with a $15,000 dental insurance guarantee, a testament to the designers' conviction in the superiority of their product.