The O Device Can Help Prevent Misplacing of Personal Belongings

 - Sep 29, 2015
References: kickstarter & gizmag
The O device is a small and extremely handy little device that takes a proactive approach towards things by warning you before you forget an item somewhere. This is in stark contrast to other object-tracking and smartphone-paired devices that only let you know where an item is once you have already lost it.

This proactive device works in conjunction with a companion smartphone app. The app sends a clear alert whenever a user strays too far from any object that they have tagged with The O device tracker. If a user misses the alert, the GPS location and time of the object's last registered location is recorded.

This device is so easy to use but could help a lot of people save time and reduce the stress and unpleasant experience of misplacing an object, regardless of its monetary value.