This Triangle Speaker Updates Analog Music with Modern Audio Tech

 - Sep 8, 2015
References: & yankodesign
If you remember how to play the simplest percussion equipment in music class, you'll find the function of this triangle speaker to be quite intuitive. Based on the shape and tactile interaction necessary of the triangle musical instrument, this portable sound system is accessible to use while delighting the senses.

Chan-ju Park widened the band that defines the triangular form in order to create generous touch-sensitive surfaces. A single button on the bottom of the freestanding three-sided speaker initiates play and pause modes, while taps and strokes on the sides are the commands for skipping tracks and adjusting the volume. To switch it on, the user makes contact to it with his smartphone, much like he would strike the metal stick to the original idiophone.

This triangle speaker, dubbed the 'Spangle,' demonstrates a harmonious marriage of manual and technological operation.