The 'BATBAND' Uses Bone Conduction Technology to Keep Your Earways Open

 - Sep 10, 2015
References: kickstarter & contemporist
These ear-free headphones will have you listening to music in a whole new way by using bone conduction to play sound waves through your skull.

The 'BATBAND' by Studio Banana Things was inspired by the sonar technology used by both bats, dolphins and other animals. Using bone conduction, transducers located inside the band give off sound waves the bones in your skull pick up and transmit towards your inner ear. By leaving the outside of your ears free from obstruction, the user is able to also hear the outside world and their immediate surroundings.

The BATBAND is also Bluetooth compatible, meaning you can free yourself from cumbersome cords and sync the device to your smartphone. A built-in microphone and touch sensors also mean you can discreetly send and receive calls while using the device.