From Cozy Bluetooth Earmuffs to Wireless Combat Headphones

 - Dec 15, 2015
These examples of wireless headphones range from fitness-tracking earbuds to stylish audio devices. Whether their user is running a marathon or riding the subway, these headphones offer quality sound without the hassle of a dangling cord.

Though overhead audio devices are quite popular when it comes to wireless headphones, these examples also include wire-free earbuds such as the Phazon earphones which are designed to fit any ear shape comfortably. When it comes to over-the-head devices, these examples of wireless headphones include Samsung's seamless Level On Wireless Pro model and the Parrot Zik 3 which includes a touch-based control system.

Moreover, these examples of wireless headphones also feature workout-friendly music accessories such as the Combat+ Sync earbuds which are resistant to sweat and the Jabra Sport Pulse headphones which monitor the user's heart rate.