The TurnCycle Detects Cyclists' Hand-Communicated Turn Signals

 - Oct 2, 2015
References: & gizmag
The TurnCycle is a bicycle gadget that makes it easier than ever for cyclists to use traditional hand signals to safely get by on the roads. There have been a lot of new gadgets that are essentially illuminated turn indicators, but what's unique about the TurnCycle is that it allows cyclists to continue using the regular hand signals they're so used to using.

This device's workings are rather simple. The user starts off by powering up their wrist bracelet before wearing it on their left arm. When they deploy their arm out to make a left-turn signal, angle their arm up to indicate a right turn or dangle their arm down to indicate an intention to stop, the 6-axis accelerometer embedded in the bracelet detects the movement and transmits a signal to an LED display, which then lights up.

The TurnCycle therefore allows cyclists to enjoy better communication and protection on the roads with the turn signals they're already used to using.