From Interactive Family Robots to Anti-Social Robot Apps

 - Jul 30, 2016
These July 2016 robots range from robotic pet assistants to outdoor security droids that are designed to ensure safety and privacy for homeowners. In addition to a slew of novelty examples like a robot that suggests what haircut salon owners should invest in, other notables include travel-themed and government-issued examples like an AI city council representatives like IPsoft's Amelia AI program. The unique virtual software is currently being used by London's Enfield Council and makes interacting with city officials a more successful feat for urban residents who seek answers to timely questions. This particular innovation also leaves the Enfield Council's human staff with more time for other tasks while cutting the organization's overall costs.

Other notable July 2016 robots include the Geneva Airport's luggage-collecting robot 'Leo,' designed to care for travelers' belongings while ensuring that bags are safe and directly transported to baggage stowing stations.