'RAMSEE' is a Patrol Robot with Infrared Vision and Real-Time Tracking

With 'RAMSEE,' Gamma 2 Robotics is introducing the world to one of the first artificially intelligent autonomous security robots that can operate without supervision.

Unlike many security cameras that are fixed in place, this mobile bot fills a space with its physical presence. In addition to keeping an eye out for intruders, the smart robot also provides real-time data on motion, fire, smoke, chemical and other potential dangers. In the future, there are plans to include fire suppression solutions as well.

Gamma 2 Robotics says that RAMSEE "will change the world of security because he never rests and he operates at a fraction of the cost normally paid for cameras, technology and guard services." The company also notes that this bot will be of particular use for jobs that humans are reluctant to fill.