This Household Robot Was Devised By Boston Dynamics

 - Jun 24, 2016
References: bostondynamics & gizmag
Boston Dynamics has unveiled a whole bunch of magnificent and revolutionary robots in recent years, and this tradition is continuing on with the release of the SpotMini household robot.

This particular robot is smaller and more silent than a lot of other previous Boston Dynamics robot. This is important because, after all, this is a robot that is designed to function around the house and run small errands for you. For example, this household robot can do things such as loading dishwashers and throwing out the garbage. Weighing in at only 55 pounds, it is fairly lightweight and portable as well. The robot features an internal battery and is equipped with sensors and depth cameras to help it navigate and carry out tasks.

This household robot requires human guidance in its current version, but future iterations could be more high-tech and versatile.