From Rad Robotic Bartenders to Real Robotic Stage Actors

 - May 22, 2013
With technology advancing every day, it’s no wonder that scientists have created robots to carry out tasks from the most mundane to the strangest; these robotic designs demonstrate the direction taken by technology towards a fully digitalized world.

The ‘Rad Robotic Bartender’ can create a fun and fruity mixed drink for you and your envious party guests, while the ‘Motivational Fitness Robots’ will cheer you on as you work off those pesky -- though delicious -- carbs. While these robots are great for everyday needs, some robotic designs have been created for social good, such as the ‘Glowing Robot Eye Injections,' which prevent blindness, and the ‘Autism Assisting Robots,’ which provide autistic children with the tools they need for successful social interactions.

With these 50 robotic designs increasing efficiency and productivity, it won’t be long until we see robots in the market, the workplace and even at home.