This Bot May Be Future of Street Art

 - Feb 9, 2013
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After the graffiti exposé Exit through the Gift Shop hit theaters in 2010, grassroots street art looked like the way of the future, but this robot graffiti artist is changing the scene.

Kanno and Yamaguchi are responsible for designing the 'senseless drawing bot 2,' a self-propelled graffiti machine mounted on a skate board that sprays abstract line work, mimicking the charismatic flair of human-made street art. A sequel to their 2011 'senseless drawing bot,' the senseless drawing bot 2 uses the duo's inertia-driven painting technique that actually sees the bot swaying side to side and laying down unpredictable, bold spray paint strokes.

Banksy beware, because it may be this robot who illegally swashes the streets of the future.