These Collaboration Vans Prove That the Skater Shoe is Iconic

 - Jul 16, 2015
Collaboration Vans are a part of what makes the California-based sneaker house such a lovable brand. From rap mogul co-branding to film-inspired low-tops, these collaborations feature all kinds of styles juxtaposed with the skater aesthetic.

Disney is no stranger to a sneaker collaboration and has teamed with the Vans brand for two collections, both displaying the notorious Minnie Mouse look. Collaboration Vans such as the Heather Brown x Vans slip-ons and the Kenzo x Vans 'Day Clouds' stay true to the brand's effortless Cypress skater style with a relaxed silhouette and light color palette.

However, the Vans sneaker became a bit dark and moody upon the release of the rebellious Vans x Hellz Bellz collection, which included dark hues, studs and zebra print.