The Candy Sorting Machine Separates Your Sweets According to Color

 - Apr 13, 2013
References: egenriether.tumblr & dornob
I can't imagine that there would be a great necessity for the Candy Sorting Machine on a day-to-day basis, but the invention could prove quite useful in a number of situations. In preparation for a party, for instance, one might like to group treats according to color, so that the edibles can be worked into a theme or the decor.

Electrical engineer Brian Egenriether put the various mechanisms of his clever creation into a cylindrical case, exposing just an ON switch and a collection of bowls. When you go to use it, pour a multicolored assortment of m&ms into the dish on top and they will be fed one by one through the appliance. Each piece is scanned by the Candy Sorting Machine, which recognizes different dyes. The sweets are then distributed into separate containers by a robotic arm.