The Bio-Cleaner 2 is an Underwater Appliance That Breaks Down Metals

 - Apr 17, 2013
References: yankodesign
The innovative Bio-Cleaner 2 functions almost like an underwater vacuum, sucking up liquid and spitting it out again, in much better quality than how it encountered it. This cutting-edge, serpentine machine has been developed to tidy up the environment beneath the ocean's surface, aiding particularly in the effort to filter polluted H2O.

Hsu Hsiang-Han, Wang Jhih-Jie, Wen Tzu-I and Luo Yih-Wenn developed this amazing android. It draws in water that's been contaminated with metals, pulls it down its long and meandering body and exposes it to bacteria that break down the hard material. The modular configuration enables you to increase the length of the Bio-Cleaner 2 if the job is much bigger. It would prove quite useful following collisions or submersions of ships.