Don't Forget to Tip the Makr Shakr, Your Robotic Bartender of the Future

 - Apr 13, 2013
Humans have always imagined that robots would eventually be capable of carrying out many of the complicated tasks people perform on a daily basis, but the Makr Shakr robot is taking everything we thought machines were possible of doing and amplifying those functions by a googol.

The Makr Shakr is a robot created in a collaboration between Pentagram, SuperUber and MIT Sensible Lab. This robotic bartender is capable of preparing about one googol (10 to the power of 100) drink combinations, which not only makes it an extremely efficient bar tool but also an example of a human-made mechanical device that has far surpassed the skills of even the most seasoned bar tender.

Using a downloadable app, users can interact with the Makr Shakr using their mobile devices and act as virtual bartenders by telling this robot what ingredients they want mixed. Capable of reproducing actions like shaking a martini or mixing a mojito, the Makr Shakr is capable of mimicking a human bartender to a tee.