From Whimsical Robotic Dragonflies to Agile Ape-Inspired Robots

 - Mar 13, 2014
Robotics is one of the fastest-growing fields in modern science, and animal-inspired robots are among its most interesting and potentially useful creations.

Animal-inspired robots are robots that borrow from the earth's natural wildlife in some way, whether they are mammals, reptiles, aquatic creatures or insects. All living creatures on the earth are the product of millennia of evolution that over time has helped them shed weaknesses and develop weapons to guarantee their survival.

Therefore it makes sense for humans to leverage the amazing gifts of the animal kingdom and apply them to robots, which are becoming increasingly present in the modern world.

Animal-inspired robots have a range of applications from security, surveillance and search and rescue to environmental monitoring, transportation, entertainment and education. Ultimately, the huge variety of animal-inspired robots out there goes to show that as much as humans may modernize and develop technology, there is always something to be learned from Mother Nature.