From Work Mixology Events to Influential Bartender Competitions

 - Sep 4, 2014
These unique drinking experience range from influential bartender competitions to educational mixology events that aim to change the way one thinks about the social activity. While most traditional drinking experiences consist of a pint at a local pub and conversations among friends, these examples oppose the expected and create interactive and immersive experiences for drink lovers across the globe.

A memorable example from this list is Heineken's beer-branded pop-up disco. The night club is reflective of Heineken's signature branding and features the company's beer products that are displayed throughout the space. The space turns a beer-drinking ritual into a memorable event that will stay with the company's consumers long after it is over.

Another impressive example from the list is Amsterdam's self-serve MiniBar. The venue is described as the world’s first service-free bar and offers patrons a key with access to its luxury liquor supply. Though opposing traditional concepts of luxury, this idea relies on exclusivity and makes its consumers feel special.