Bartenders Create Bioshock-Inspired Beverages for Gamers

 - Jul 25, 2010   Updated: Jul 14 2011
References: 2kgames & nemesisscientist
These drink recipes are based on the style and time period of Rapture, the producer-haven-turned-dystopian-nightmare from 2K Games' hugely popular Bioshock video game series.

I'd love to kick back with a few Big Daddies and Little Sisters in Fort Frolic as we down a few Plasmids. I bet those Daddies got some stories to tell -- once you can get past the eerie, inhuman moans and the constant ADAM-harvesting, that is.

Implications - These bioshock-inspried beverages are sure to wet your appetite after intense gaming. Infused with egg whites and Absinthe, the Rapture's Delight is sure to replenish your strength. As the makers of this drink say, "Flip a defiant, Andrew Ryan-style finger to those bartenders in Washington with a type of drink no ones’s ordered for half a century."