From Fire-Infused Alcohol to Debonair Drinking Manuals

 - Nov 15, 2011
There are one to many alcoholic treats out there, and what perfect way to end a hectic day than sipping on a cold cool cocktail, and this gallery sums up the most lip-smacking classy cocktails.

The cocktail juices get cracking with some unimaginable whippings like greasy grilled cheese martini that has got hearts thumping. While some cocktails are bursting with refreshing fruity flavors, others are set to spin with hard-hitting martini mixes. In different parts of the world, no two cocktails could ever be the same. They have their own mixtures of vodka, martini, rum or gin with a spin of sweet fresh fruits or sauces.

One look at these numerous classy cocktails will get you craving for one right away. But good luck if you're reading this at work.