The Bartendro Robotic Drink Mixer is Remotely Controlled

 - Mar 13, 2013
References: kickstarter & werd
The best drink mixer is a robot that knows exactly the right proportions and measurements down to the last drop. Bartendro is an amazing futuristic bartender that can create even the most complex cocktails without breaking a sweat.

Trying to impress guests? This robot is super attractive with a row of glowing orbs decorating the top, making it look like a boozy time machine that transports drinks from another dimension into your glass. One of the coolest factors about this mechanical drink maker is that it can be controlled remotely from any smart device, including a smartphone or tablet. Scroll through the menu on your touch screen, tap the beverage you desire and watch Bartendro create it in seconds.

Never be intimidated by fancy beverages with this automated drink mixer.