The Driftbot Droid Constructs and Supports Futuristic Nomadic Settlements

 - Apr 8, 2013
References: linkedin & suckerpunchdaily
As metropolises around the world become more and more built up, many people will reach a breaking point and yearn for a more nomadic way of life that would bring them out of the congestion of infrastructure and polluted air. The Driftbot concept proposes a way for future societies to form in previously uninhabitable areas such as desserts.

Leah Zaldumbide and Alex Woodhouse dreamed up this avant-garde Noah's Arc that follows itinerant communities and helps by building them temporary shelters from locally found materials. The enormous android would crawl along the landscape -- specifically surrounding the Salton Sea -- collecting sand and rocks and water, and dispensing them along the earth with its robotic arm. The Driftbot could construct livable mounds that would later disintegrate back into the soil.