Real-Life Transformers Costume made by Marc De Repentigny

 - May 7, 2013
References: youtube & gizmodo
Cosplayers slave away weeks and even months in crafting the perfect costume to showcase at the San Diego Comic-Con; some costumes are either intricately designed or designed with sex appeal in mind, while others simply make your jaw drop. That's exactly the case with this Transformers costume.

Created by Marc De Repentigny, the automatized robot costume is hands-down the best Transformers costume out right now. The outfit boasts all the bells and whistles of an actual Transformer, except for changing into a vehicle -- that would be asking for too much. The robot costume features moving eyes that emit light, a thruster that emits steam at the back and a voice-controlled mouth piece.

The Quebec-based costume designer will definitely be the most popular guy at any comic book convention.