The Ghostbot Ends Unwanted Conversations Without Any Help

 - Jun 22, 2016
References: burnerapp & theverge
Dating for the Millennial generation is complicated -- at least that's what this social robot app designed by 'Burner' creators Greg Cohn and Will Carter assumes. As people are constantly connecting through dating apps and other impersonal methods, expectations can sometimes fall short. That's why the popular temporary phone number app Burner came into existence -- giving consumers an option to have more safety in exchanging phone numbers without having to worry about getting harassed.

The company has now improved its marketability to Millennial daters with the Ghostbot, an app that works to make ending unwanted conversations easier. The Ghostbot works by sending cold messages to a chosen contact in order to show a lack of interest -- a feat that's especially simple for an unfeeling autonomous social robot. The robot app consistently makes a total lack of interest in the conversation clear, with the company continuing to make changes in order to make its responses flow more naturally. Though the Ghostbot isn't all that kind, it shows how robots are being used to make life for Millennials simpler on a level not previously seen.