This Intelligent Learning Assistant Provides Classroom Support

 - May 8, 2017
References: puginier & yankodesign
As we develop solutions for adaptability, the Intelligent Learning Assistant 'ILA' prepares the next generation for daily technological integration.

Using IBM's cognitive computing system 'Watson,' designers (including Claire Puginier) created the Intelligent Learning Assistant to help educators in the classroom. ILA "provides resources, monitors progress, customizes assignments and enables communication between students and educators." ILA is able to hand out assignments and deliver resources in an engaging way. It is also able to monitor individual participation and offer solutions to disproportionate participation.

In terms of broader implications, the use of the Intelligent Learning Assistant in the classroom will help to normalize the integrated use of technology in our everyday lives for the next generation. The more comfortable the next generation is with using technology every day, the less dramatic the learning curve will be for them, leaving more room for innovation and development.