VALCRI is a Semi-Automated Algorithm for Criminal Intelligence Analysis

 - May 26, 2017
References: & springwise
Artificial intelligence is being used to change a wide variety of industries, from graphic design algorithms to manufacturing, and now criminal intelligence analysis. The algorithmic technology is also reminiscent of the sort of pre-emptive crime prevention seen in Hollywood films like Minority Report.

Valcri (Visual Analytics for sense-making in Criminal Intelligence analysis) employs "a system that facilitates human reasoning and analytic discourse, tightly coupled with semi-automated human-mediated semantic knowledge extraction." In addition to aiding police forces by suggesting potentially overlooked lines of inquiry in a case, the AI algorithm also claims to be able to pre-empt crime. The intelligence-led policing system helps criminal intelligence analysts navigate data better, put historical data in context and visualize information more clearly. Its semi-automated nature also means it evolves over time.