Stan the Robot Valet Can Autonomously Park and Retrieve Cars

 - May 26, 2017
References: stanley-robotics & newatlas
Stan the robot valet is a new creation from Stanley Robotics that could endanger the jobs of human parking attendants. Stan is designed to park and retrieve cars. It starts by scanning the vehicle its parking to determine the size of the space needed. Once the size has been ascertained, Stan the robot valet picks the car up and transport it to a properly sized spot. The robot is currently in use in at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport. Those who drop off their cars at the airport can feed Stan their flight details, thus ensuring their cars will be ready to drive away when they land.

The idea behind Stan the robot valet is to save parking garages money by eliminating human staff. It also allows them to maximize space (and thus increase profits) due to the fact that cars can be packed tightly together. A robot doesn't need to open doors after all. There's no word on a wider roll out of Stan but don't be shocked if airports and parking garages around the world soon become staffed by robots.