From Accessible Luxury Buses to Collaborative Designer Bikes

 - Jun 25, 2017
The top June 2017 transportation ideas include everything from ultra-portable folding e-bikes to crosswalk sensors that aim to prevent jaywalking, all of which put an emphasis on features that encourage safety and convenience.

As more urban consumers look for affordable, environmentally friendly ways to get around, a number of city-specific bicycles are being released. Examples of this include the VanMoof Electrified X, which was designed specifically for commuters who live in Tokyo, as well as the Whippet Bicycle, which boasts the ability to be neatly folded away for storage once it is taken indoors.

When it comes to public transportation, some of the most forward-thinking ideas include "pop-up" bus routes, as well as vehicles that have been filled with greenery in the same way as a greenhouse features an array of vibrant plant life.