The 'Soft Creeper' Conceptual Bike Tires Bend Rather Than Blow Out

 - May 26, 2017
References: yankodesign
Going over a jagged object or surface on your bicycle will often lead to a blown-out tire, so the 'Soft Creeper' conceptual bike tire aims to change this with a design that offers a way for the wheel to simply bounce back. Boasting shock absorbing capabilities, the tires are crafted with individual sections that are intended to shift when they go over uneven land or objects for a more comfortable ride.

If a portion of the 'Soft Creeper' tire becomes damaged, riders can simply replace that one section rather than the entire tire to decrease the occurrence of having to make full-scale replacements. The tire is the design work of a team based at the Dalian Minzu University in China including Su Hengchang, Zhang Dianming, Qiao Song, Zhang Mengbo, Cao Xinyu, Wu Jiahao, Xu Zhe and Ran Xuyang.