'Benkei' is a Software That Simplifies Complex Roasting Data

 - May 17, 2017
References: benkei.net & sprudge
'Benkei' is a roasting software that uses machine learning to simplify the process of making a perfectly roasted batch of coffee.

Roasters tirelessly work on getting the right temperatures and times for different parts of the roasting process, but this process can be incredibly time-consuming. Benkei is a machine learning roasting program that is designed to intake a lot of roasting data and make it easy and intuitive to understand.

Software creator Ed Kong was inspired to create Benkei after he found just how useful machine learning could be for problem solving; since the software is able to collect and analyze such immense amounts of data, it is often able to come to conclusions and make suggestions that humans can't even fathom. Currently, Benkei is set for a beta launch later this year.