- Aug 26, 2017
As the August 2017 fitness trends reveal, many consumers are taking advantage of the summer season to up their fitness game. Whether it is apparel that makes working out a more comfortable experience, or tech products that help consumers take things to the next level, it is clear that the health and wellness industry is booming.

With athletic wear elevated to the status of everyday apparel, there is a growing number of brands offering workout clothes. One of these newer brands is SPIRITUS, which makes garments with UV protection and odor protection. Another innovative brand is Atacuma, which goes beyond moisture-wicking apparel to offer what it called "moisture-controlled apparel."

Beyond comfortable workout clothing, consumers are also turning to technology to step up their game in the gym. As the August 2017 fitness trends reveal, there is no shortage of high-tech fitness gadgets for those who want to track, monitor and improve their stats. This includes everything from connected workout staffs to tech-infused hula hoops.

From Moisture-Controlling Apparel to Connected Workout Staffs: