The Nimble Prosthetic Fin Increases Swimming Efficiency

 - Jul 20, 2017
References: yankodesign
The Nimble Prosthetic Fin is a piece of equipment for those with a missing limb in order to increase their overall ability in the water to swim farther and faster than those with two legs.

The prosthetic is designed with a vacuum socket that makes it quick and secure to affix to the person's body when they're preparing to get in the water. The prosthetic will truly increase overall capabilities in the water to help those who are missing a limb when it comes to swimming, scuba diving and other aquatic endeavors where swimming is required.

The Nimble Prosthetic Fin is the design work of Alberto Esses and is conceptually crafted from a blend of rubber, carbon fiber and thermoplastic polypropylene for optimal hydrodynamics and comfort.