Hysko is a Wearable Punch Tracker for Training Pugilists

 - Jul 19, 2017
References: producthunt & hykso
With Mayweather v. McGregor only few months away, boxing is seeing a surge in popularity, and Hysko is a new product that's looking to improve the next generation of pugnacious pugilists as much as possible. The wearable punch sensor tracks fighters movements and provides granular metrics that they can then transform into actionable training exercises, giving them a glove up on tech-free competitors.

Hysko is best used with both a fighter and a trainer together. The app provides live feedback on things like punch count, punches by type (e.g. right straight, left power, etc.) and many other pieces of information. After a session, users can go through the data to learn about the intensity of each training exercise and analyze strengths and deficiencies. Further, the app has a social aspect that lets fighters compare themselves against one another.