Atacuma's Fitness Gear Uses Microfluidic Technology

 - Jul 1, 2017
References: atacamadry & techcrunch
For some time, athletic apparel companies have advertised "moisture-wicking" technology in their clothing, but Atacama is revolutionizing moisture control through the use of microfluidic technology. Anyone who's worn moisture-wicking gear is probably unsure of what the term actually means, as fitness gear branded with that label often gets just as sweaty as regular cotton or polyester. Atacama's microfluidic textiles stay legitimately dry, making workouts far more comfortable.

Of course, when working out, one is guaranteed to sweat — regardless of the clothing they're wearing. The difference with Atacama is that its apparel channels this sweat away from friction points and toward precise areas where it can easily run off. In fact, the technology is so advanced that Atacama has received a grant from the National Science Foundation to help in continuing its research.