WanKu's Blend of 20 Herbs is Known as the Andes Mountains Healing Water

 - Jul 19, 2017
References: pieshell & beveragedaily
WanKu is a herbal tonic that is being marketed as the 'Andes Mountains Healing Water.'

WanKu is based on a traditional herbal infusion made using more than 20 herbs and flowers indigenous to the Andes Mountains. This healing water is consumed by locals every day to promote digestion and provide anti-inflammatory support. The Andes Mountains Healing Water is said to taste like a refreshing tea with strong aromatics and a hint of lime.

WanKu's founders, Juan Giraldo and Nicolás Estrella, learned of the drink while travelling the southern part of Ecuador where they met local farmer Don Miguel Tambo. Don Miguel showed the boys how he prepared the tonic every day and the idea to market the product to US consumers struck the group. WanKu is now seeking funding on 'Pieshell' to assist with production and distribution.